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Journal History


These are just a few things I like.



I got tagged twice by the same person, So I will answer all questions post 20 things about myself but only make the peopl I tag answer one set of questions. 

Tagged by :iconsweetmythfan: 

1. List your favorite song(s)!
 Radioactive, Royals, Breath of Life, In for the Kill
2. Do you watch anime/read manga? 
I read Negima and Arisa.....Anime, not really.
3. If so, what is your favorite? If not, WHY DON'T YOU?! IT'S SO AWESOME!!
 Negima....i guess
4. Your favorite books are...?
 There are too many!!!! Lets see, Mythos Academy, A Dark Faerie Tail, The Unfinished Song, and The Immortal Circus are among my favorites.
5. How long is your hair? (Lies are accepted 6w6)
 Hmmmmm.............about halfway down my back.
6. If I told you that I was Black Star, you would...?
 Again....I don't really watch anime.....
8. If I had a really creepy stalker-like question here, what would you say?
9. What was the really creepy stalker-like question you first imagined when you read that?
 Um..................................... I'm gonna leave this one blank....

1. Who is your favorite character to roleplay? (Not OCs, though...LOL)
 I only roleplay Ocs......
2. What can you absolutely not stand?
Bratty kids/teens
3. What's your favorite number between one and twelve?
4. "FOOL! Have you forgotten provision 349?"
5. The lamest thing you have EVER seen?
 .......................that is a difficult question.............
6. If you had to choose an amazing quote, what would it be?
 "I am a 50 foot tall purple platypus-bear with pink horns and silver wing."
7. What's your favorite scene?
8. I LIKE BAKED POTATOES. What's your or your favorite character's favorite food?
 Brownies or tuna-noodle.
9. OMGLOOKBEHINDYOU!!!! ...Who did you think I meant?
 This murderess guy from Psych.......  
10. What's the weirdest thing about yourself? (Fake facts are accepted, as long as they're believable~)
 Hm....I act like a cat.......

My 10 questions!!
1. Do you like to dance?

2. Would you make a good spy?

3. If you joined an elite team that was going to infiltrate an enemy fortress, what part would you play/

4.  When playing Marco-Polo how would you respond to this? Marco!!!

5. Do you think these questions are odd?

6. What is the most relaxing scenario you can think of?

7.  Which do you prefer? Dying honorably in fight, and being remembered for eternity? Or dying peacefully in your bed with only your family remembering you?

8. If I told you "I don't watch anime." How do you react? 

9. Whats your favorite TV show?

10. That last question was boring. Let's try something more exciting!! It is night time, you are in the woods something is chasing you. It is ever so slowly catching up to you. There is a wide stream ahead with a branch leading across. You are halfway across the branch when you nearly fall into the river. You manage to right yourself, but the thing chasing you has nearly caught up with you. You make it across and are in a clearing. The thing has stoped chasing you and has seemed to dissapear. Your house is up ahead so you make your way toward it. You are at the front door and about to go in, when.......The thing kills you. What is your first reaction to reading this?

20 things about myself:

1. I LOVE to dance
2. My older sister got me addicted to my little pony....
3. I'm so busy I don't know how I found the time to write this journal...
4. I have several fantasy worlds in my head. (Like if a magical war broke out, what would I do?)
5. People often think I am five years older than I am.
6. I like making furniture and stuff for my dolls.
7. My book club is reading the classics...Two out of the three books that we have read so far have been reeeeaaally long and boring.
8. I take nine dance classes. If I had more time I would take more.
9. I LOVE to be in musical theater shows.
10. I have a horrible love life. 
11. I really enjoy watching shows like: Psych, White Collar, and Doctor Who. 
12. I don't really watch TV that often.
13. My hands are starting to hurt....
14. My best friend describes me as "A wall of muscle"
15. I'm pretty good at writing short stories and poems.
16. I draw all the time on paper, I just never scan stuff in to upload to deveinart.
17. I think this is an excessive amount of facts and you probably want to stop reading now.
19. I hate being talked down to.
20. My soul has a hard exterior but is really warm and fuzzy on the inside.

And you are finally done reading this wall of text so I'm not going to tag to many people.

:iconsweetmythfan: :iconglitterkyo: :iconmsbiffy: 

and if you wanna do it you can.

  • Mood: Optimism
  • Listening to: Music
  • Reading: Matilda Bone
  • Watching: This Screen
  • Eating: Cupcakes!!


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All these Stamps and more are in my favorites In the folder named Stamps.

I really like to do art of any kind and I will happily take suggestions.

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